Dr Acierno

Dr. AciernoWelcome and thank you for showing an interest in our practice. Let me be the first to tell you how much my team and I appreciate you choosing us to be your dental home. As patients ourselves, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable with the decisions you make about you and your family’s health care. We will not disappoint you with the services we provide.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Chicago and attended Notre Dame High School in Niles. Afterward, I enrolled at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Throughout my life I have always been interested in the field of Science. I graduated from Creighton in 1997 with a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Mammalian Physiology. Although my background was in medical research, my aspiration was to become a dentist. I graduated Creighton Dental School in 2001.

After graduating I was given the opportunity to practice in Peoria, IL for three years. By 2010 I had begun Acierno Dental Management Company after acquiring my fourth dental practice. In the past several years we have obtained four more admired dental practices in order to share our skills and knowledge of the dental technology that is now available in the 21st century. The age of dentistry changes every day and it is my duty to keep up with those changes so that I may provide you with the best service possible. Although one of my main passions is dentistry, I also love to spend time with my wife, daughters, and son.

Dr. Alan J. Acierno D.D.S.

Here are just a few highlights from Dr. Acierno's professional life:

  • Graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1997. In 2001, Dr. Acierno graduated from Creighton Dental School. Newsweek ranked it as the #1 rated private school in the Midwest.
  • Headed a family and cosmetic dentistry practice for three years in Peoria, Illinois after graduation.
  • By 2010, started Acierno Dental Management Company after obtaining his fourth practice.
  • Graduated from the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in order to provide patients with the highest aesthetics possible.
  • Invisalign certified
  • Educated in providing patients with the most advanced techniques in rotary endodontics.
  • Invited to be the spokesperson for Bisco dental and the "Perfect Post"
  • Continues to complete his education in order to maintain his license in Illinois and provide the best care possible for patients.

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Patient Letters

I recently hash a wonderful experience at the dentist. I know what you are thinking, dentist and wonderful do not usually go together. Well, that may be true unless you have had the opportunity to use the Acierno Dental Group in Schaumburg. As a new patient and a senior citizen, I was very nervous and concerned about the dental procedure I needed. However, I was immediately put at ease after my first encounter with Dr. Dan and his wonderful assistant Patti. Their friendliness, compassion, and professionalism convinced me that I made the right decision. So you probably think that was the wonderful experience. Well it was, but there’s more… the work that was preformed was not only done with great expertise, but in a way that made me feel like a Queen for a day!!!

I am so happy with the results and I would like to thank Dr. Dan, Patti, and the whole Acierno staff (front office too) for making this a Wonderful Experience!!!!!


Dear Dr. Acierno and Staff:

One of the perks of Thanksgiving is the opportunity to thank those people who have made a difference in our lives.

I just wanted to take a moment to extend my sincere thanks to you and your outstanding staff, not only for restoring my smile, but also for your caring, thoughtful, and professional manner.

I feel that you excel at your profession and I would be happy to recommend any one of my friends or family to your practice.

Again, thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Joyce Yashir

Although I had braces on my teeth as a kid, I never really felt my teeth looked nice. They really weren’t bad, but I just didn’t have the pride and confidence I wanted in my smile. I was in the middle of planning my wedding, so I used that event as the push I needed to check out the Smile Design Dental Center – plus, I already knew the Center’s Dr. Alan Acierno from his volunteer work with Easter Seals.

The consultation was easy, and all the staff I met were very nice. Dr. Acierno worked out a time line that allowed me to have all the work done quicky and well ahead of my wedding date. I love the natural look and feel of veneers. My teeth are straight, well proportioned, and really white. Now, I have a great smile and love to show it. And, my wedding pictures looked great!

Samantha Tindel

At birth I was exposed to a medicine which caused the enamel on my teeth to be severely stained. In grade school I was constantly teased about my teeth. This continued into my teens, molding me into a very self-concious person. I would find myself not smiling or laughing much. When I did, I would cover my mouth with my hand.

Dr. Acierno helped turn that all around for me. His entire staff seemed genuinely concerned about my case. At each visit, I was treated with exceptional care from each one of Dr. Acierno’s team.

Dr. Acierno was very professional and courteous as well as being sensitive to my embarassment. He kept me informed on each procedure and made sure I was comfortable throughout every step.

The gratitude and appreciation of the amazing results can be seen on my face today. I am pleased beyond words. Six months later I am still receiving compliments and that in itself is an elated feeling. I have been recommending Dr. Acierno and his staff whenever I get the chance.

Thank you, Dr. Acierno, for restoring my lost smile!

Tracy Jones

Dear Dr. Acierno,

When I first learned that I had a terrible problem with all my teeth deteriorating due to a genetic or medical problem, I was incredibly disappointed and angry. Having recently retired from the fire department to start a second career of teaching technical rescue and emergency response personnel (on a national level), I was concerned about the impact that my deteriorating teeth would have on my appearance and my ability to communicate with my students and employees. I also was really disturbed that I would have to own dentures at such a young age (especially after working to keep myself fit and trim throughout the years).

Not only did you give me three different options, but you kept reinforcing the positive aspects of the end results (ie. better gum condition, overhauled root canals, more consistent teeth size, no more older style fillings and crowns). You and your staff were fantastic and extremely accomodating, along every component of the process. Your ability to work within my schedule and my needs was critical due to my complex teaching and travel schedule. Each one of your staff and especially you took a special concern on the well being of not only my teeth, but me personally.

Thanks to you and your staff’s hard work and commitment, I have the most perfect and beautiful teeth that I ever imagined. In addition, I look and feel healthier. I’ll never forget the caring approach that everyone showed to me.

Thomas Childers